Associate Editors List
Name Affiliation Research Interests
Chen, Berlin National Taiwan Normal University Speech Recognition, Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics, Human-Machine Interaction
Chen, Chu-Song Academia Sinica Deep Learning, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Multimedia
Chen, Hsin-Hsi National Taiwan University Human Langauge Technologies, Information Retrieval and Extraction, Web Mining, Social Computing, Artificial Intelligence
Chen, Jiann-Liang National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Wireless Networks, Mobile Computing, Open Source, IoT, RFID
Chen, Meng Chang Academia Sinica Wireless Networks, Text Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Network and Computer System Security, Computer Assisted Language Learning
Chen, Shyi-Ming National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Fuzzy Systems, Intelligent Systems, Knowledge-Based Systems, Neural Networks, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, and Genetic Algorithms
Chiang, Jung-Hsien National Cheng Kung University BioinformaticsText Mining
Chien, Jen-Tzung National Chiao Tung University Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Speech Recognition, Face Recognition, Information Retrieval, Blind Source Separation
Chuang, Jen-Hui National Chiao Tung University Robotics, Computer Vision, 3-D Modeling, Speech and Image Processing, VLSI Systems
Garcia-Barriocanal, Elena University of Alcala Semantic Web Ontologies and Knowledge Representation eLearning
Guo, Jing-Ming National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Image processing: Digital Halftoning, Printer model, Inverse halftoning, Image Security, Copyright protection (watermarking), Alteration detection and recovery (data hiding), Digital forensics technologies, Image compressionComputer vision: Video synopsis, License plate and invoice number recognition, Shadow removal and object tracking, Face recognition, Gender recognition, Age recognition, Emotion recognition, Hand tracking, Biometrics recognition, Lips recognition, Vein recognition, Iris recognition, Palm recognition, Fingerprint recognition
Hong, Tzung-Pei National University of Kaohsiung Knowledge Engineering, Data Mining, Soft Computing, Management Information Systems, and www Applications.
Hsu, Fu-Hau National Central University System Security, Mobile Security, Network Security, Web Security
Hsu, Tsan-sheng Academia Sinica Design, Analysis, Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Computer Algorithms, Graph Theory and Its Applications, Data-Intensive Computing, Data Privacy, Theory of Computer Games
Huang, Chin-Yu National Tsing Hua University Software Reliability Engineering, Software Testing, Software Metrics, and Software Project Management
Huang, Chung-Lin Asia University Multimedia, Image Processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition
Hung, Yi-Ping National Taiwan University Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Virtual Reality, Multimedia, and Human-Computer Interaction
Hwang, Ren-Hung National Chung Cheng University Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and e-Learning, Wireless Technologies
Hwang, Wen-Liang Academia Sinica Wavelet Analysis, Signal, Image and Video Processing
Jiang, Xiaohong Future University Hakodate Computer Networks, Optical Networks, Wireless Networks, VLSI Design, Interconnection Networks
Juang, Chia-Feng National Chung Hsing University Computational Intelligence, Chip Implementation of CI Techniques, Intelligent Control, Computer Vision, Evolutionary Robots
Kao, Hung-Yu National Cheng Kung University Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning
Ku, Wei-Shinn Auburn University Spatial Data Management, Geographic Information Systems, and Mobile Computing
Lai, Xuejia Shanghai Jiao Tong Universitiy Cryptography, Information Security
Lee, Chang-Shing National University of Tainan Intelligent Agent, Knowledge Management, Ontology Construction & Application, Fuzzy Theory & Application, Image Processing
Lee, Hsien-Hsin Sean Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Architecture, Multi-Core, Coherency, Memory Systems, 3-D Integrated Circuits
Lee, Wang-Chien The Pennsylvania State University Data Mining and Analysis
Liao, Wanjiun National Taiwan University Wireless Networking, Multimedia Networking, Internet Technology
Liau, Churn-Jung Academia Sinica Applied Logic, Logic in Artificial Intelligence, Reasoning about Uncertainty
Lin, Chin-Yew Microsoft Research Asia Knowledge Mining, Social Computing, Question Answering, and Automatic Summarization
Lin, Phone National Taiwan University Machine to Machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IoT)/Internet of Cars (IoC), Software Defined Networks (SDN), Smart Data Pricing and Networking for 5G Networks, Green Communications, Networking and Security for Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Decision Process and Performance Modeling
Lin, Shou-De National Taiwan University Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Social Network Analysis
Lin, Ying-Dar National Chiao Tung University Computer NetworksWireless CommunicationsNetwork SecurityEmbedded Systems
Liu, Chao-Lin National Chengchi Univiversity Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Studies, Automatic Reasoning, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Decision Support
Lu, Chang-Tien Northern Virginia Graduate Center, Virginia Tech Information Storage and Retrieval, Spatial Data Management, Database Management Systems
Peng, Wen-Chih National Chiao Tung University Mobile Data Management, Data Mining, Data Management for Sensor Networks, Databases
Phan, Raphael Chung Wei Multimedia University Security & Cryptography, Privacy, Emotion Recognition, Secure Signal Processing, Game Theoretic Security and/or Privacy, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Forensics, Surveillance & Machine Vision, Resilience
Rauchwerger, Lawrence Texas A&M University Libraries for Parallel Computing, Compilers for Parallel Computing, Architectures for Parallel Computing, Parallel Scientific Applications
Sun, Hung-Min National Tsing Hua University Information security, Mobile phone security, Data Science, FinTech
Tsai, Shi-Chun National Chiao-Tung University Theory: Computational Complexity, Algorithms Design and Analysis, AI and Machine Learning Algorithms; Applications: Software Defined Networkings, Security with Data analysis; Web-based Systems
Tsao, Shiao-Li National Chiao Tung University Embedded System, Wireless Networks, Low Power and Power Management, Operating Systems
Tseng, Vincent S. National Chiao Tung University Data Mining, Database Systems, Machine Learning, Biomedical informatics
Uehara, Ryuhei Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) Algorithm, Data Structure, Computational Complexity
Wu, Chung-Hsien National Cheng Kung University Speech Recognition, Audio/Video Multimedia Summarization and Retrieval, Spoken Dialogue and Language Understanding, Speech Synthesis and Voice Conversion,
Wu, Jan-Jan Academia Sinica Cluster and Cloud Computing, Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling in Parallel and Distributed Systems, Dynamic Binary Translation and Virtualization on Multi-cores, Energy-efficient Virtualization on Heterogeneous and Asymmetric Multi-cores, Parallel and Distributed Processing for Big Data
Xu, Jianliang Hong Kong Baptist University Spatial Databases, Location-based Services, Mobile Computing
Yeh, Mi-Yen Academia Sinica Data Mining, Databases, Time Series Analysis, Social Network Analysis
Zheng, Baihua Singapore Management University Mobile/Pervasive Computing, Spatial Databases

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